How You Can Buy Electroneum on Cryptopia

You already know of the new British Cryptocurrency and its many potentials. There is only one problem, you have no idea how to buy Electroneum. Well, you are in luck, I am about to tell you how to buy Electroneum on Cryptopia. Yes, it is listed there.

Figuring out how to buy Electroneum on Cryptopia can be a little complex if you are a noob. However, if you pay enough attention, and follow the steps outlined below carefully, you shouldn’t have any problem.

Before you go any further, there is one major thing you should note: Cryptopia does not work so well on mobile devices. As such, it’ll be advisable for you to use a computer. That said, written below is a list of steps on how you can buy Electroneum on Cryptopia.

How to Buy Electroneum On Cryptopia

Step #1: Open A Cryptopia Account

Start by visiting Cryptopia to register an account. You’ll be required to input your details. After entering your details, a confirmation link will be sent to your email, which you have to click on. All you have to do now is, log in to your Cryptopia account.

Step #2: Make a Deposit

When you finally get into your account, look for the wallet symbol at the top. You’ll find it right next to your username, click on it. Select the “Deposit” option and pick the Cryptocoin you intend to deposit. For the purpose of this guide, I’ll assume you’re selecting Bitcoin (BTC), then click on the “next” icon.

You should receive a wallet address and QR code from Cryptopia. This will help you in sending the Bitcoins which you’ll need to buy from an exchange that works in your country. You can check out Coinbase, Bittrex, Localbitcoins or for your Bitcoins purchase. After getting the Bitcoins, transfer it to the address you were given on Cryptopia and click “Done” on the completion of the transfer.

Step #3: Confirm Your Transfer

You can check the progress of your transfer by clicking on “View Deposit History”. It should appear on the list within 10 minutes of transfer. However, it’ll take at least 30 minutes before you can use the fund. This is because Cryptopia requires two blockchain confirmations. Just be patient, you are almost there.

Step #4: Buy Electroneum Using Bitcoins

When you notice that the funds have cleared, you can buy your Elecctroneum. Do this by clicking on “Exchange”. You’ll find this in the top left corner. Click on “Markets”, and type in “ETN”. The list will automatically reduce to display just” ETN”, select it.  By now the details for Electroneum should display in the right-hand panel.

You should find two boxes to buy and sell ETN. In the “Buy ETN” box, input the amount f Bitcoin you intend to pay per ETN, then enter the amount of ETN you want to buy in the amount box. A complete breakdown of the fee should come up. Finally, click on the “Buy ETN” icon to submit your order.

Step #5: Wait For The Notification

This is the final step in buying your Electroneum on Cryptopia. An on-screen notification will come up once your order has been fulfilled. That’ll happen once the current price of Electroneum reaches the price you specified.


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