Electroneum App: Everything You Need to Know.

The Electroneum app is already available. You can easily download it from Google Play. However, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, it’s quite unfortunate. The app isn’t available for iOS devices yet. Consequently, this a review if the Electroneum Android App. This is everything you need to know

Electroneum App at First Glance.

After downloading the app, the first thing you’ll notice is that the app was created to act as a money wallet. Eventually, the App is supposed to act as a mining rig. That’s the way you are going to be mining Electroneum right out of your smartphone. Your processor type is the judge of how much you can mine per day.

After the launch of the Electroneum app, it is expected that the subsequent updates will contain more features. Apart from the feature that lets you directly mine your coin from the phone, you should be able to make purchases by simply scanning QR codes or tap of a button. I know what you are wondering, you are thinking the app will probably drain your battery. According to the developers of the app, it is not expected to consume so much battery considering the fact that you are just running a simulation. However, you can be sure that it will consume some for sure. That’s probably the reason why the version of the app is also available on PC, Mac and Linux.

The Main Features of The Electroneum Android App

Let’s go a little further, explore what the Android version of the Electroneum App has to offer. Here are the main features.

The Electroneum App’s Easy Sign up and Login

When you launch the app for the first time, you’ll be presented with two options. You are required to either login or sign up if you don’t have an account. The signup is quite straight-forward and easy. In fact, it doesn’t require an email confirmation. The implication of this is that you need to be more careful when entering your email, you don’t want to make a mistake. You have a second option of signing up using your Facebook account. However, I don’t think this is advisable. If for some reason your account gets terminated by Facebook, accessing your Electroneum app might be a problem.

The Mobile Wallet

Your Electroneum wallet is stored on your smartphone. The next update of the app should have features that’ll let you have an offline wallet to keep your coins safer and to make it easier for you to send and receive coins from the Electroneum app.

Android Miner

The first thing you should know is that this will not be the most efficient way of getting Electroneum coins. The miner will depend on your smartphone’s GPU to work. This implies that the more powerful your smartphone is, the more coins you’ll get. However, if you are interested in mining more Electroneum coin, you should use the desktop miner. One thing you should note is that mining Electroneum is quite easy compared with Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can learn more about Electroneum Mobile Mining HERE


The Electroneum app does not have a lot of features yet, but that’s probably because the coin is not officially live yet. The app is user-friendly, does its mining in the background and doesn’t consume so much data. Other features of the app will be updated and enjoyed when Electroneum is live.

We can’t wait!!!