Electroneum Vs Bitcoin; A Basic Comparison.

Since the announcement of the September 14 launch date of Electroneum, there have been debates on the crypto forums all over the internet about how Electroneum is expected to become more valuable than bitcoin within a short period of time. This ultimate comparison between bitcoin and electroneum explores that possibility.

Before we continue, there is something you should know, Electroneum wasn’t created to replace bitcoin, it’s just an alternative. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that Electroneum will replace Bitcoin. That said, let’s see a summary of the comparison.

Electroneum vs Bitcoin

  • Electroneum was designed for the 99%, while bitcoin was designed for the Tech-Savvy.
  • Electroneum has a market Potential 2.2 Billion Users, bitcoin’s current Market is 3-4 Million Users.
  • Electroneum is distributed for common use, while bitcoin is largely held by a few speculators
  • The mining of Electroneum is as easy as playing mobile games but bitcoin is not for the faint of heart
  • You can mine & earn Electroneum coins from your smartphone. Bitcoin on the other had requires an expensive mining rig.
  • Electroneum uses a more secure, decentralized blockchain. Meanwhile, anyone can trace bitcoin wallet balance.


It’s common knowledge that Bitcoin has become huge, considering the fact that back in 2010, two pizzas were purchased using 10,000 units of Bitcoin. Today, owning that same unit in bitcoin makes you a millionaire. That’s about sixty million American dollars. But bitcoin is not perfect. It is difficult to mine and purchase. This is where Electroneum comes in.

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency developed to target 99% of the population, unlike bitcoin that requires a level of technical know-how, this new cryptocurrency can be used by anyone with a smartphone. That’s a whopping 2.2 billion potential users.

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That’s not all the coin distribution of 21 billion ensures that Electroneum is in a two-digit decimal place. It makes it easier to relate with because of its experience similarity with FIAT currency. Bitcoin on the other hand, with its 21 million coin and 8-digit decimal places can be difficult for average folks to understand. In this area, Electroneum just feels right to use.

With over 120,000 contributors and more than 300,000 people registering their interest in the British cryptocurrency, Electroneum is officially the largest token sale of all time. In case you are wondering, the token sold out. I’m not even going to mention the secure decentralized blockchain or the zero fees for transfer or withdrawal of coins into your wallet.

Will Electroneum Be Bigger Than Bitcoin?

I can’t answer this question, only time can. However, I will lay out the facts for you. The first thing you should note is that about 99% of the entire planet is still not involved in cryptocurrency. The creators of Electroneum are targeting a large percentage of these people by bringing a user-friendly cryptocurrency to their smartphone. We both know that an increase in the number of miners directly leads to an increase in the price of the cryptocurrency.

No, I can’t tell you Electroneum will be bigger than bitcoin, only time can.